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Unveiling the Thrill of Topwater Fishing FOR JACK CREVALLE : An Interview with Joe

1. Introduce Yourself! First Name and Origin.

Hello, everyone! I'm Joe, originally from the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA. For the past decade, I've been living in the saltwater paradise of South Florida.

2. Why Have You Chosen Topwater Fishing Over Any Other Type of Fishing ?

Topwater fishing isn't just about reeling in a catch—it's about the experience. Last week, I watched in disbelief as a big jack crevalle launched itself three times out of the water, narrowly missing my lure each time. The anticipation was agonizing, but the adrenaline rush when I finally hooked up was unmatched. Topwater fishing is a constant dance, a test of both patience and skill, and the reward is pure exhilaration.

3. What Gear Do You Use? What Do You Look For When It Comes to Topwater Gear ( Rod, Reel, Braid, Leader, and All Terminal Tackle ) ?

I love fishing with ODM Rods, a company based out of the North East (USA). My go-to setup from the shore includes the ODM FrontierX 10’6, 3-8 oz surf rod paired with a 14K Daiwa Certate. I run 65-80 lb Suffix 832 Braided Line with 100-200 lb leader. When fishing from the shore I look for a rod that I can cast heavy lures over a long session without getting fatigued that also has the power and performance to fight and land big fish.

Jack Crevalle on popper from Shore with joe

4. What Gear Can You Suggest to Someone Planning to Fish in Florida Waters ?

This largely depends on which species you want to target and where you are going to target them. In Florida, your possibilities are seemingly endless. If I had one set up to use for the rest of my life it would be the ODM Rods DNA Inshore 7’6 M with a 4K Stradic reel. This setup is light enough for me to target virtually any freshwater fish but also has the backbone to fish the saltwater for snook, tarpon, jack, redfish, trout etc. Message me on Instagram @bbqbassbros_ and I'd be happy to talk tackle with you!

Early Cast with joe , hunting the crevalle from florida

5. Is There Any Difference Between Boat/Rock Fishing When It Comes to Gear, Leader ?

There is! From the land, you need a bigger rod to make longer casts. Generally speaking on land you’ll also need heavier gear (line, leader, and reel) especially when fishing near structure because the fish will break you off immediately if you cannot turn it. On the water, you can use the boat to chase down the fish and help pull them away from the structure but from the land, it is an all-out tug-of-war. It’s a game of leverage and finesse.

Famous catch from the rocks for joe

6. When Planning a Jack Fishing Trip/Day, What Is the Perfect Condition for You ?

Wind + Waves = Jack. These fish are always on the move making them hard to track down but when a low-pressure system moves through, it can be a dinner bell ringing from the surf. Picture the opposite of a perfect boat day with clear skies, calm waves, and light winds and you'll have the best weather to look for jacks in the surf. This is why surfcasters get a reputation for being a little crazy.

7. What Advice Can You Give a New Angler/Beginner When It Comes to Topwater Fishing ( Jack Crevalle )?

HEAVY gear - use a stronger rod, reel, line, and hooks. When I began surfcasting I lost countless numbers of lures and broke rods/reels because I was not fishing heavy enough tackle. If you want to catch one of the hardest fighting fish in the ocean, you don’t want to be undergunned!

Jack crevalle on popper at dawn